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Short films
French, English, Spanish
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« Le montage d’un film, c’est comme un voyage. On ne sait pas où il va nous amener ni ce qu’il va faire de nous ». – Marie-Pierre Renaud


Marie-Pierre Renaud’s capacity to work as an editor in a variety of languages and formats was portended at the start of her editing career.

Progressing quickly to long format, documentaries and feature films with directors such as Peter Weir on ‘Green Card' and the 'Truman Show’, and Milos Forman on ‘Valmont’, leading her to live and work in New York City for over 10 years, training in 35mm and digital format.

Since then Renaud has managed a trans-Atlantic career based in both, Paris and New York, editing documentaries, TV series but mostly feature films such as ‘Arsène Lupin’ ‘Le Cameleon’ and 'Aux Yeux de Tous’.

With her reputation established, emerging foreign films directors have sought Renaud out, leading her to edit a variety of foreign films from Morocco, Algeria, Israel, China and Lebanon including the award winning independent feature 'The Kite'.

Laura Courtney-Andrews


Chief Editor
2021 Entre Nous - Jude Bauman, Kap Films
2020 Héliopolis - Djaffar Gacem Prod’Art Films
2019 Women of Pavilion J - Mohamed Nadif Janaprod
2018 Confetti - Ann Hu Jagman Prod
2017 Indigo or the Child of Stars - Selma Bargach Agora Films
2017 Apatride/Stateless - Narjiss Nejjar Moon & Deal and La Prod
2014 Crépuscule Des Ombres/Dusk of Shadows - Moh. Lakdhar Hamina M.L. Hamina Prod.
2013 Certified Halal - Mahmoud Zemmouri Fennec Prod 
2011 Aux Yeux de Tous - Cedric Jimenez Le Cercle Production
2010 Andalousie, mon amour - Mohamed Nadif Janaprod - Jury Prize Marrakech
2010 The 5th String - Selma Bargach Janaprod
2009 The Chameleon - Jean-Paul Salomé Gordon Str Pict / Loma Nasha Films
2008 Les Femmes de l'Ombre/Women in the shadows - Jean-Paul Salomé The Bat
2007 Watch Me/Ain't Scared - Audrey Estrougo 7th Apache Films
2005 Call me Agostino - Christine Laurent Paulo Branco
2004 Arsène Lupin - Jean-Paul Salomé Hugo Films / TF1Films Prod / M6 Films
2003 Le Cerf-Volant/The Kite - Randa Chahal Sabbag Humb. Balsan Lion d’argent Venise
2002 HighTime's Potluck - Alison Thompson Paul F. Bernard
2001 Du Côté Des Filles/On the girls' side - Françoise Decaux Maurice Bernart
1999 Hygiene of the assassin - François Ruggieri TSF Productions
1996 Loose Women - Paul F. Bernard James Scurra
1996 Le Tronc/The Trunk - Karl Zéro and Bernard Farou
1992 Les Années Campagne/The Campaign Years - Philippe Leriche Baccara Films / Les Films Ariane
1st Assistant Editor
1998 The Truman Show - Peter Weir
1997 Devil's Advocate - Taylor Hackford
1996 Two Much - Fernando Trueba
1995 Just Cause - Arne Glimcher
1991 Green Card - Peter Weir
1989 Valmont - Milos Forman
1988 Itinerary of a spoiled child - Claude Lelouch 

2016 Al Dorcey - Thierry Bouteiller Big Bang Productions FranceÔ

2016 Salomon Kalou, The Darling Elephant (72 ’) - Angel Chow-Toun
2015 Les Héritiers de la Colline (80 ’) - Ousmane Samassekou (Mali, France), 2017 FIDADOC Grand Prix, 2017 AMAA Jury Prize
2014 La France en Chansons (110’) - Mireille Dumas et Anne Sedes
2014 Where is it at home? (75 ’) - Sylvie Coulon
2014 From cinema to reality (52 ’) - Dalila Ennadre
2013 La Trocha (72’) - Lionel Rossini

Orangina - Eric de la Hosseraie TSF Productions
Brut de Pomme - Eric de la Hosseraie TSF Productions
Neuf telecom - Philippe Pollet-Villard Première Heure
The Yellow Pages - Andy Margetson Première Heure
Watanya - Jean-Pierre Roux BR Films
The campaign against AIDS - Jean-Paul Salomé Partenaire Production
Le Printemps du Cinéma - Jean-Paul salomé Restons Groupés Productions

2018 Editing teacher at Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière
2016/2018/2019 Fiction Editing teacher at CLCF, Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français
Member of LMA (Les Monteurs Associés).